Cornwall Surfing

St Ives Art And Surfing Culture -The Harmonious Blend

 The Harmonious Blend of Surf, Art, and New Surfers: St. Ives’ Coastal Symphony   Nestled along Cornwall’s rugged coastline, St. Ives bay emerges as a sanctuary where the surf and art worlds converge, welcoming newcomers into its vibrant tapestry of creativity and oceanic wonder. Join us as we delve into the captivating synergy between surf, […]

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Cornish Surf Culture

Cornish Surf Culture: an insight into Cornish Surfing History with Evolve Surf School   Cornwall, a rugged and picturesque county in southwest England, has long been synonymous with surfing and has become a hotspot for surf enthusiasts from around the world. Its stunning coastline, consistent waves, and vibrant surf culture make it a premier destination

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